Lovely Spaceship Lamp - UnikWe Boutique
Lovely Spaceship Lamp - UnikWe Boutique
Lovely Spaceship Lamp - UnikWe Boutique

Lovely Spaceship Lamp

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Life is too short to not get an adorable bedside lamp! If you are looking for something new and absolutely adorable for your room, our Pet Spaceship Lamp is all you that you were looking for. Depicting a furry little pet sleeping in a spaceship, this lamp is quite quirky and will look wonderful no matter where you decide to keep it. It lights up in not just one, but seven different colours! All you have to do is tap and watch the magic.


1. This product is a rechargeable lamp, which can be recharged and used.

2. This product is divided into colorful lights, which can be adjusted according to personal preferences.

3. This product is simple in shape, with cute pets for product delivery, decorative environment, and night light function.

Material: Silicone, ABS
Size: 5.5x3.7 inches (approx.)
Power Source: Charge


1.Please fully charge it before using this product for the first time:Charging voltage/current: DC5V/1000mA. It can also be charged with an isobaric power bank. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge (the charging time is related to the output current of the charger used). When charging, the red light flashes, and the red light stays on when fully charged. After fully charged, the warm yellow light can be used for about 10 hours, and the colorful light can be used for about 9 hours.

2. Power switch description: Press the power switch at the bottom of the product, the light is on (the color of the light is warm yellow); press the power switch again, the light is off.

3. Tap the product to adjust the lighting changes:

When the power switch is turned on (the light color is warm yellow);


 First beating Colorful gradient
Second beating
Stay current color
Third time beating Lights off
The fourth beating Turn to Warm yellow; Cycle Repeats

4. When the light is extinguished by tapping, the product is still working and quiescent current is generated. If you do not use it for a long time, please use the power switch to turn off the light to reduce battery consumption.
5. After fully charged, please cut off the power in time.


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