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Whale Spray Cup

$19.99 $49.99
  • Product: Cup
  • Material: PC
  • Packaging: Individually packed
  • Size: 8.1CM X 8.1CMX 15.8CM
  • Weight: 110g
  • Volume: 250ML

  • Attention:
  • 1.Children need to be used under the supervision of an adult.
  • 2.Because of the special structure of this product, after the cup is filled with water, please do not put it in the bag or dump it, otherwise it will easily cause the liquid in the cup to leak. If you need to go out and use it, please make sure that there is no liquid in the cup before putting it in the bag.
  • 3.It is forbidden to put into the oven, microwave oven, and close to high-temperature heat sources to avoid deformation, discoloration and other phenomena of the product.
  • 4.Please avoid dropping the product or subjecting it to a huge impact to avoid abnormal water absorption due to broken parts.
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